Toscano Junior Tennis System

I work as an independent contractor at Indian school Park. Scottsdale, AZ. – I DO NOT PROVIDE ACADEMY SERVICES. I can manage up to 4 players per court and up to 2 courts at the same time. My approach is more customizable and kids improve faster than at an Academy environment.

Tennis Classes in Scottsdale, AZ

Welcome to Toscano Tennis System

From our tennis training facility, we provide an extensive tennis program that focuses on the technical, tactical, physical, and mental development of the player which is the main foundation of the Argentinean methodology of teaching. Our system provides athletes an opportunity to become better tennis players in a fun, positive atmosphere; while fulfilling the holistic needs of each player in their quest to achieve the highest growth possible. My system runs a 36 weeks program for 3 different levels of players: Mentor, Intermediate, and Advanced.