Coach Claudio:

He began his love of tennis at the age of 7, his experiences laid a solid foundation of learning and practicing his lifelong passion for tennis.

Coach Claudio is a certified member of the United States Professional Tennis Association(USPTA) where he continues to learn and stay current with the game today. He is teaching at Toscano Tennis (located at Indian School Park (ISP). He offers private, semi-private, group lessons, competitive juniors as well as adult groups.

Coach Claudio passion keeps improving players of all levels by utilizing hands on instruction, video analysis and conditioning.

Coach Louis Chu

Louis has been with us since 2018, he is accomplished 4.5 doubles player. Loves to work with our intermediate group and doubles strategy.

Louis was the middle school tennis coach for his daughter Gaby and also helped the Smash Tennis Academy for many years.

Toscano Tennis System:

It creates a path for young individuals to achieve success in tennis and all aspects of life. At the heart of the concept was the desire to create a support system that allowed each participant, whether they attended for a day, a month or years, to become a better prepared player.

Student athletes are educated and prepared for success by combining access to the best performance training and sport-specific training with moral and intellectual development. Toscano Tennis System embodies these values, which are the main principles behind the successful professional tennis career of many past and present champions.

We are dedicated to educating the athlete in all aspects of tennis. The program is athlete centered. Each athlete is tested and assessed so that an individual plan for success may be developed.

Mission Statement and Philosophy

Toscano Tennis System provides an extensive tennis program that focuses on the technical, tactical, physical and mental development of the player which is the main foundation of the Argentinean methodology of teaching, while fulfilling the holistic needs of each player in their quest to achieve the highest growth possible.

Toscano Tennis leadership devised a philosophy of coaching tennis through an “Integral System” in order to reach maximum success for each individual athlete.

Specific progression drills and techniques are developed so that each student understands the correct sequence of successful tennis to become the best player, as well as an active individual in life.