College Placement Program

ToscanoTennis College Placement Program Includes:

  • Full College Placement Counseling:

                                    this process begins with Director Claudio Toscano researching and identifying the best matches for your child for college academics and college tennis, and ends with each student’s Admission into one of their choice for college, likely on scholarship.

  • College Video : Shoot and Edit full College Video at ToscanoTennis with drills and point play.
  • Compose Student’s “First Contact” Introductory Email to College Coaches.
  • ToscanoTennis Staff communicates with prospective college coaches & arranges a first phone call with our student.
  • ToscanoTennis help schedule and coordinate student’s College Visits.
  • Guidance for our students for all email & phone call communication with College Coaches.
  • College Scholarship Negotiation.
  • Showcase players to college coach at our practices whenever possible
  • High school transcript review for High School Graduation and NCAA Eligibility.
  • Registration assistance with NCAA Eligibility Profile.
  • Research Admissions Requirements and Tennis Levels for top colleges.
  • Assist with College Applications, Essays and Recommendation Letters.
  • Design Optimum tournament and training schedule for college tennis preparation & success.

College Video Editing and Uploading

  • Up to 8 minutes long Video
  • Player Introduction
  • Drills
  • Point Play
  • 2 different points of View.
  • High Quality 1080P or 4K
ToscanoTennis College Placement Program offers a comprehensive package of services
to ensure our students the best possible college placement and scholarship.