Want to improve your doubles game? 
Need help with your backhand? 
Looking for a stronger serve?
Need techniques to help your mental game?

Are you a coach who needs help with one of your players?

Let us help with our video analysis packages. With over two decades of coaching experience and having tutored plenty coaches we know what you need to improve your game.

Each video sent will be followed up with a report, action plan of exercises, drills or situational games that will improve your competitive play.

How it works:

  • Contact us initially for a chat.
  • Record and send us video footage.
  • We will send a plan of action.
  • We will then follow up after the plan is accomplished.

Stroke Analysis – $110 per stroke

Need help with your backhand, or tips to improve your serve?

Not happy with your return of serve?

Whatever your concern, get in touch with us and we will let you know what to do to improve.

  • Contact us .
  • We will reply within 24 hours to discuss the stroke or strokes and give you the details of how to record the shots.
  • You will then send us the video, we will get back to you with what needs to change and drills necessary to improve.

Match Play Analysis – $150

  • Contact us.
  • We will reply within 24 hours to explain how to record your match play.
  • You will then send us the video to be analyzed(full report on tactical, technical, mental and movement areas), along with a plan of action.