Trip Information

Going on an international tournament trip can seem a little daunting for both the parent and the player so it is my goal to make it much easier and more enjoyable as the players will be part of a team.

Each year I will be organizing trips to international events such as Ten-ProTennis Europe (TE)International Tennis Federation (ITF) and other independent eventd. Each trip will be for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 players to ensure that I can give all of the players the individual attention they need whilst at the events.

While we are away the players will train hard, compete harder and have lots of fun on and off the court as a TEAM. They will support each other in matches / in training and use the experience to develop positively as a person and a player.

Before the Trip:

  • I will offer advice to parents to ensure that the tournament level is suitable for their son / daughter
  • I will compile a Trip Factsheet with all of the information about the trip including estimated costs
  • I will communicate with the player’s individual coach to establish trip goals and areas to improve

During the Trip:

  • I will work with the player to ensure that they are preparing well for each training session / match
  • I will provide pre-match advice and post-match analysis for each singles and doubles match
  • I will ensure that the player communicates with their individual coach during the tournament
  • I will assist the player in finding a doubles partner (if needed)

After the Trip:

  • I will write a full Trip Report and send it to both the individual coach and the parent
  • I will make myself available if the individual coach / parent would like to follow-up on any specific points from the Trip Report
  • I will keep parents up to date on any future international training / tournament trips


Hopefully the information on this website will give you everything you need to know about the upcoming trips but if you have any questions please contact me.