We will be hosting 2023 Summer Camp from June 2nd til mid August. There will be two different sessions, a morning (7.30 to 10.30 AM) and an evening (6 to 9 PM) session, from Monday through Friday. Friday evening will be Match-play from 6 to 9 PM. Please use the sign-up form below to register.

Mondays Through Thursdays 7.30-10.30am or 6-9pm

$20/hour – $50/3 hours session

Mondays Through Thursdays 7.30-10.30am and 6-9pm

$80 – both on court sessions

MENTAL AND PHYSICAL PROGRAM _ HIghly recommended for all High schoolers, older or Tournament Players

Mondays through Fridays 11.30am-1PM

$80 weekly / mental and physical program  –

Mental program can be done without having to come to academy / cost is the same…$20/session
Friday morning Academy

$20/hour – $50/3 hours session (mostly doubles strategy)

Friday Match Play Evening

$10/hour – 3 hours

Saturday 8.30-10.30am $40

No Mental program or conditioning on Saturdays

10% Discount Siblings
Limited Availability – 5 to 1 ratio
Prepaid Monthly has 1st priority.
Prepaid Weekly has 2nd priority.
Walk ins welcome – RSVP texting coach Claudio- at least 1 day in advance.
Privates vary depending on the coach fee. Our pricing goes from $ 55/hour to $ 110/hour
Prepaid Monthly $1,800 Includes both sessions, Mental and Saturday Morning 
Prepaid Weekly $480 Includes both sessions, Mental and Saturday Morning 
(No make-up classes unless TTA LLC can’t provide regular class).
Coach Claudio @ 623.606.2580