WARM-UP (10-30 minutes)Before hitting the ball


  1. General Warm Up – 2-3 minutes light jog around the courts
  2. Optional Foam Roll or Massage Stick-2 minutes
  3. Dynamic Stretching – 5-10 minutes.
  4. Lower body to upper body
  5. Slow movements to fast movements
  6. General exercises to tennis specific exercises
  7. Progressive increase in intensity of movements
  8. Focus on the ankles /calves, hamstrings, hips (including hip-flexors), lower back, thoracic region, shoulders / arms
  9. Speed, Agility and Power Exercises
  10. A couple of court sprints and light medicine ball or explosive band work


COOL-DOWN (5-20 minutes) after match play.

  1. Light jog around the court to let the heart rate recover gradually .
  2. Static Stretching exercises
  3. Lower body to upper body
  4. Focus on the calves, hamstrings, hip-flexors, lower back, thoracic region, shoulder, neck and arms
  5. Optional Foam Roll or Massage Stick for two minutes
  6. Recovery Nutritional Shake (with at least 20 grams of high quality protein)