Conditioning Calendar : aprox. 1 hour a day .


Conditioning training is divided is 3 main stages: 


Pre-Season  / Strengthening

In-Season – Tournament  / Endurance and fat burning

Off or Post-Season /  Power and General Conditioning


PRE-SEASON / Strength Training (Pre Season) November –December: 5 Levels of intensity.

3 or 4 exercises 3 days a week for the first 2 weeks Level I

4 exercises 3 days a week / for the weeks 3 & 4 Level I


IN-SEASON –  TOURNAMENT /Endurance and Fat Burning Training : – January –August

  1. Antagonistic training for 8 weeks (3 day – Split 4 days a week)(Jan-Feb)
  2. Entire Body every day training (resting every other day) for 8 weeks (March-April)
  3. Back to Antagonistic training for 4 weeks (3 day – Split 4 days a week)(May)
  4. Synergistic Training next 4 weeks (3 day – Split 4 days a week)(June)
  5. Antagonistic training Upper & Lower body same day training (2 day split – 4 days a week) (July)
  6. Upper and Lower body training on different days (2 day split – 4 days a week) (August)


OFF OR POST-SEASON / September & October Power / General Fitness training:

3 days split / 4 days a week: Antagonistic training.





Most of the muscles in the torso, arms and legs are arranged in opposing pairs. That means, when one muscle is contracting, like say the biceps muscle, that muscle is the agonist muscle during an exercise. The antagonist muscle is the opposite muscle which, in this case, would be the triceps.


Is a training technique that intentionally blends various training modes with a diverse exercise selection in order to create a holistic and balanced structure of training stimuli (training stress) that will maximize gains in strength, reduce the risk of injuries, and improve performance.

Synergistic Example:  4 sets of barbell curls, 4 sets of skull crushers, 3 sets of alternate curls,  3 sets of press down….




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