Class Rules are as follows:

  1. No hitting balls at others or instructor
  2. No hitting balls over the fence.
  3. Stand at least three steps/racquet length distance away from any student hitting the ball.
  4. No hitting balls while waiting in line.
  5. Do not talk while instructor is talking.
  6. No offensive language or inappropriate use of words.
  7. Do not make fun of others; Be respectful of classmates and instructors.
  8. Sportsmanship matters.
  9. Safety on the court rules.
  10. Pick up balls during the lessons; everyone is expected to help and participate.
  11. Do not leave the lesson court without the instructor’s permission.


Consequences on not following rules:

First offense= Verbal warning.

Second Offense = Time out on the bench at the Tennis Court.

Third Offense = Time out outside the tennis court w/parents meeting.