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Our Academy Rules

Class Rules are as follows: No hitting balls at others or instructor No hitting balls over the fence. Stand at least three steps/racquet length distance away from any student hitting the ball. No hitting balls while waiting in line. Do not talk while instructor is talking. No offensive language or inappropriate use of words. Do [...]

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Our Conditioning Calendar

Conditioning Calendar : aprox. 1 hour a day .   Conditioning training is divided is 3 main stages:    Pre-Season  / Strengthening In-Season - Tournament  / Endurance and fat burning Off or Post-Season /  Power and General Conditioning   PRE-SEASON / Strength Training (Pre Season) November –December: 5 Levels of intensity. 3 or 4 exercises [...]

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How to play tennis into our 90s

WARM-UP (10-30 minutes)Before hitting the ball   General Warm Up – 2-3 minutes light jog around the courts Optional Foam Roll or Massage Stick-2 minutes Dynamic Stretching – 5-10 minutes. Lower body to upper body Slow movements to fast movements General exercises to tennis specific exercises Progressive increase in intensity of movements Focus on the [...]

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